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Terms and Conditions

Injury/Implied Waiver

Game Time Game Truck and its employees assume no responsibility for any injury sustained during the event on the Game Truck, the client’s property or the event location. Utilization of a mobile video game theater is not a high risk activity, so an implied waiver is assumed and agreed to with the liability for damages or injuries being the sole responsibility of the client.

Payment Options

All deposits made through the website are processed through our secure gateway using PayPal. All credit card payments made over the phone or on the day of the event are processed through our secure gateway using Square. We also accept cash at the event if that is more convenient for you. Please keep in mind that our Game Coaches do not carry change. If an agreement has been made to pay with check, then please make it out to Game Time Game Truck.


Game Time Game Truck does not charge to reschedule, because we understand that sometimes life happens. With this in mind, please try to let us know as early as possible if you would like to reschedule, so we can keep our calendar updated as required.

If rescheduling your event is not an option, we have a pretty simple refund policy. If your event is 14 days away or less, your deposit is non-refundable.

Travel Surcharge

Our primary service area is a 25 mile radius based on our location in 32225. Anything outside of this area is subject to a travel surcharge calculated using the location of your event.


Game Time Game Truck strives to provide all clients with the best mobile video game theater experience possible. This requires the Game Coach to be immediately available to provide assistance as necessary. The Game Coach is not to be thought of as a babysitter, so an adult must be present during the event to handle any issues of a personal nature. This allows the Game Coach to ensure all players are enjoying the event, issue-free.

Bad Weather

Game Time Game Truck can provide mobile video game theater entertainment, rain or shine! In the event of rain, the outside TV’s and awning will be closed. In the event of severe weather conditions, Game Time Game Truck reserves the right to cut an event short, or cancel altogether, in order to preserve the safety of all guests, employees and equipment.


Game Time Game Truck clients are free to serve alcohol at any event. However, it is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure all people being served are of legal age. Game Time Game Truck also reserves the right to cut short any event where alcohol is involved, should the Game Coach feel the event is getting out of control. Client assumes all responsibility and liability for alcohol related incidents occurring as a result of the event. Game Time Game Truck reserves the right to cut short any event where the possession or use of illegal drugs is witnessed by the Game Coach.


Game Time Game Truck and its employees will not be responsible for any property damage as a result of being asked to position in a certain location. This includes above ground and below ground damage to property and/or equipment. Additionally, Game Time Game Truck reserves the right to charge the client for any theft of or damages to our equipment resulting from negligence or willful acts by the event attendees. Charge will include replacement cost plus labor, depending on what is being replaced.